New Beginnings

With graduation feels slowly drifting away from my brain, I have been able to sort out my life a little bit, emphasis on the “little” bit. The craziness of classes and dance and boys and college life in general has come to a halt. I can breathe again… kinda. With these closing doors, comes countless unopened ones. Whether it’s new people, new places, or new experiences there are so many opportunities just waiting for me… and that’s the most exciting part. I have never been a “planner” type. I don’t like having a set plan or feeling like I should make a specific decision. I’m used to being told that’s a bad thing. However, a pretty significant individual in my life right now has shown me that it’s completely acceptable to not have a plan. It’s okay to see what happens. It’s okay to not know. Try things one way and then change your mind. It’s okay. It’s hard for me to say exactly where I want to be in 5 or 10 years because I truly don’t know. That doesn’t mean I don’t have goals or ideas or people I want in my life. It just means I want to live off of the excitement and mystery of what lies ahead of me. Life would be pretty boring otherwise. So, here’s to my new journey and to all of the incredible humans who plan to stick with me through this crazy life of adventures and weirdness. Cheers!



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